a corporate regatta for firmtouch

We really like the positivity that theorganization of really cool events brings. It really motivates us to do evenbetter. This team-building exercise wasn’t the first time we’ve done work forFirmtouch so its employees knew that we always make events like this verycolorful and festive.


On the other hand, we knew that it wasn’tenough to just “do good”, we needed to surprise them, to exceed theirexpectations. That’s why we offered a regatta, which is not something you doevery day, or even every year.


To make sure that everything will be at itsbest, we’ve involved a professional and experienced skipper team. That sameteam also provided us with yachts.


To start things out, future yachtsmen havetrained and were instructed on how to work with yachts. And on the second day,they’ve finally got to the race itself, where they could show off what they’velearned.


All in all, 38 people participated in thatevent, and here are a few of their accounts:


— Thanks to Enter Island for not justorganizing this breathtaking race, but also for the charged and energizingatmosphere. I think that every participant had a great time with theircolleagues and friends.


— It was the first yacht experience for me.Thank you for opening me to this new pastime, and I definitely plan to try thisagain in the future.


— It was really interesting, probably one ofour best team-building exercises. There is that feeling of unity with othercrewmen on the ship.


— It was really great, I’d be down to do thatagain :)

published on oct 19, 2020